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Fire Prevention and Fire Safety in Anaheim, California

Automatic fire sprinklers are designed, engineered and installed for commercial, industrial and residential buildings to reduce the rapid spread of fire. The type of fire sprinkler systems installed depend on the types of fire hazards that are present in your home, office, commercial or industrial building.

Once you have a fire sprinkler installed, there will be required maintenance such as tests, inspections and periodic repairs that may need to occur to keep your fire sprinkler system operating and meeting city and state fire and health codes, rules & regulations.

Anaheim Commercial & Residential
Automatic Fire Sprinkler Design & Engineering

Allow us to design and engineer your commercial or residential automatic fire sprinkler system. We will create the necessary 3D maps, AUTOCAD maps, drafts and drawings to get you through all your "dots and spots" inspections, and blueprints to the fire sprinkler technicians when installing the fire sprinkler system.

Anaheim Commercial & Residential
Automatic Fire Sprinkler Installation

Installing automatic fire sprinklers allows you to promote fire protection and fire life safety. The fire sprinkler system is designed to stop the rapid spread of fire, extinguish the blaze, keeping occupants safe from the dangers of fire.

Our company uses certified fire technicians to install automatic fire sprinklers into your home residence or commercial business. We adhere to NFPA standards & codes, follow the state & city fire and health codes & regulations ensuring you meet or exceed guidelines.

Anaheim Commercial & Residential Fire Sprinklers
Service, Repair and Maintenance

NFPA standards and codes require that you maintain, service and repair your fire sprinkler system. If your fire sprinkler system is broke, needs to be fixed, repaired or if something is not working it's best to contact licensed fire protection contractor to service, repair and maintain your commercial or residential fire sprinkler system.

Anaheim Commercial & Residential Fire Sprinklers
Required Tests and Inspections

NFPA standards and codes as well as state and city fire and health codes require additional tests and inspections to ensure your fire sprinkler system is properly functioning. Contact us to schedule tests or inspections for your fire sprinkler system today!

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Fire Protection Education:

We provide fire extinguisher training for children, adults and employees. Learn how to protect yourself against the dangers of fire by using a fire extinguisher.

Sparky the Fire Dog

Fire Extinguisher Education /
Training and Certificates

We educate children, adults and employees on how to properly use a fire extinguisher in emergencies. Receive a fire extinguisher training certificate upon course completion.


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