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Fire Prevention and Fire Safety in Anaheim, California

Design and Engineering

A fire protection system including the installation of fire sprinklers will dramatically reduce the risk for loss of life and property damage done by the devastating effects of fire. A fire sprinkler system should be designed and engineered to pass state and local building and fire codes, fire marshall’s rules & regulations, insurance agency requirements and any other applicable agency.

The design and engineering of your fire sprinkler system may include 3d Maps, AUTOCAD Maps, Drafts, Drawings and Blueprints. These are used to pass “Dots and Spots” inspections, for insurance companies and the fire sprinkler technicians when installing the fire sprinkler system into your residence or commercial building.

Our company designs and engineers commercial & residential fire sprinkler systems in Anaheim

Our certified fire protection technicians will do a walk-through, assess the fire hazards, evaluate the risks and design and engineer a fire protection system suitable to handle the needs of your fire protection system.

We design and engineer commercial and residential
water based automatic fire sprinklers

  • Wet pipe automatic fire sprinklers
  • Dry pipe automatic fire sprinklers
  • Deluge automatic fire sprinklers
  • Combined automatic fire sprinklers
  • Pre-Action automatic fire sprinklers

We design and engineer commercial and residential
standpipe fire sprinklers

  • Wet standpipe fire sprinklers
  • Dry standpipe fire sprinklers
  • Combined standpipe fire sprinklers
  • Standpipe hose connections
  • Temporary Standpipes
  • Standpipe fire sprinklers

We design and engineer commercial and residential
fire suppression systems

  • Restaurant fire suppression systems
    • Restaurant hood suppression systems
  • Kitchen fire protection systems
    • Class K and Class F kitchen fire extinguishers
  • Auto paint booth fire suppression systems
  • Clean agent fire suppression systems
    • Carbon dioxide fire suppression systems
    • Data centers, computer rooms, file storage facilities
      • Great for areas where water, chemical or foam may damage your property when extinguishing a fire

We design and engineer commercial and residential
emergency signage, and evacuation exits

  • Emergency lights
  • Emergency signage
  • Evacuation routes
  • Road Turn Around if applicable
Fire Sprinklers

Fire Protection Education:

We provide fire extinguisher training for children, adults and employees. Learn how to protect yourself against the dangers of fire by using a fire extinguisher.

Sparky the Fire Dog

Fire Extinguisher Education /
Training and Certificates

We educate children, adults and employees on how to properly use a fire extinguisher in emergencies. Receive a fire extinguisher training certificate upon course completion.


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