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Anaheim Fire Sprinkler Installations

Installing automatic fire sprinklers into your home, commercial or industrial facility will help prevent the risk to life, the spread of fire and damage to your property. Insurance companies offer discounts on your fire hazard insurance policies if you have installed residential or commercial fire sprinkler systems.

Which type of fire protection system will be necessary to protect your commercial building or structure depends largely on what flammable materials are present and what valuables you wish to have fire coverage over. You must also comply with State and Federal Fire Codes, Rules, Health and Safety Regulations.

Anaheim Fire Sprinkler Installation Specialists. We install, residential, commercial and industrial fire sprinkler systems that keep you ahead of the curve. Stay compliant with all Federal and State Fire Codes, Rules, and Regulations.

Our fire protection company installs all types of fire sprinkler systems based on the fire hazards present in your home, commercial building or industrial facility. Such as Commercial, Industrial, Public Facilities, Schools, Museums, Offices, Parking Garages, Convenience Stores, Gas Stations, Art Galleries, Libraries, Shops and many other buildings homes and structures.

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Anaheim Residential Fire Sprinkler Installations

Contact our fire protection company to evaluate the fire hazards present in and around your home, offer a bid, estimate and quote detailing the costs towards installing a residential fire sprinkler system in your home.

Anaheim Commercial Fire Sprinkler Installations

We specialize in commercial fire sprinkler installations in Anaheim. We work with your general contractors, project leaders and fire marshall. To ensure you pass all "Dots and Spots" inspections, comply with fire codes and install a commercial fire sprinkler system easy for you and employees to operate.

Anaheim Industrial Fire Sprinkler Installations

As a business owner you are responsible for keeping up to date on all fire codes, allow our fire protection company the chance to earn your business. We are familiar with all Federal, State, City and adhere to all NFPA Standards and Codes. We will help you pass all fire code inspections and comply with industrial fire codes.

Types of Fire Sprinklers for Installation in Anaheim

We install commercial, industrial and residential
water based automatic fire sprinklers

We install commercial, industrial and residential
standpipe fire sprinklers

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