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The wet pipe fire sprinkler system was first designed in 1812 and has been perfected throughout the years to help protect lives, homes, buildings, and structures. Many States have made it mandatory safety equipment in new buildings and structures through Fire Codes to have a Fire Sprinkler System Installed.

The Wet Pipe Fire Sprinkler System are more commonly installed systems due to convenience, coverage, and lower costs than more elaborate fire protection systems. Due to their fairly simple design you generally only have to worry about maintenance on the Automatic Spray Heads, Alarms, and Pressure Valves.

Anaheim Wet Pipe Fire Protection Systems

The wet pipe fire protection system is generally installed for basic coverage in the building or structure. If you require specific coverage or have a rapid fire concern with highly flammable items a more specific fire sprinkler system may be addressed to handle the fire hazards present.

Anaheim Wet Pipe Fire Sprinkler Products

We offer many types of fire sprinkler products to assist in making your home safe in the event of a fire. We are able to install many types of fire sprinkler systems, which will include a wide array of fire sprinkler products:

Anaheim Commercial Fire Protection Spray Heads

Anaheim Commercial Fire Protection Systems

  1. CPVC Fire Protection Systems
  2. Steel Pipe and Fittings Fire Protection Systems
  3. Hangers and Fasteners Fire Protection Systems
  4. Electrical Products Fire Protection Systems
  5. Foam Products Fire Protection Systems
  6. FDC Equipment Fire Protection Systems
  7. Grooved Products Fire Protection Systems
  8. Blazemaster Fire Protection Systems
  9. Aquamist Fire Protection Systems

Many of our suppliers create new and innovative products all the time, we have just listed a few of the products that we can assist you with in your next building application. Please contact us for further details or to find specific information on products or services regarding your fire protection system

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