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Fire Prevention and Fire Safety in Anaheim, California

Many restaurants are required in Anaheim County to have installed fire protection systems according to state & city fire & health codes.

A restaurants kitchen has high temperature cooking oils, fryers, stoves, ovens, broilers, grills and many other appliances that have a potential to start a devastating fire.

The fire suppression system is designed to starve the fire and create a vapor blanket surrounding the area preventing the fire from reflashing. Hybrid fire suppression system offer the addition of water immediately cooling the area after the suppression agent has extinguished the fire.

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Your kitchen contains many appliances that have a potential to cause fast moving and rapidly spreading fires. A kitchen fire suppression system is designed to overlap appliance coverage, ensuring all stoves, ovens, broilers, and deep fat fryers are protected by the kitchen fire suppression system. All designs and installations will be completed by licensed fire protection technicians.

Kitchen Hoods and Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems

Our fire protection company can design, install, service and maintain your restaurant hood and kitchen fire suppression systems. A restaurant in Anaheim may be required to have a kitchen hood and fire suppression system. Please contact our company for additional details.

Commercial Fire Suppression Systems

There are many commercial applications for a fire suppression system. Many kitchens and restaurants will install a commercial fire suppression system due to its ability to extinguish kitchen fires quickly. Many other commercial facilities also benefit from having an installed fire suppression system such as, data centers, computer rooms, art galleries, rare book collections and rare antiquities, basically anything that could possibly be damaged by regular wet pipe fire sprinklers using water to extinguish the fire. (Water can damage electronics, rare books, art, etc...)

Class K and Class F Fire Extinguishers are Designed for Restaurant Kitchens

There are many classes of fire extinguishers class k and class f fire extinguishers are designed and made for kitchen use. Kitchen fires usually involve grease and oil, water extinguishers will not work on these types of fires. Many restaurants use class K and class F fire extinguishers, because they are portable, lightweight, easy to use, and can extinguish oil and grease fires in a hurry.

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